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#306787 - Garreth then realized he could use the novelty vibrator (him and his girlfriend bought from black pool on a dirty weekend) and that would stretch him out even more, as he rifled through the box of toys, he came across vibrating nipple clamps and thought “I’d have some of that” he came across the cucumber shape vibrator and got back onto the bed, Garreth then started to adjust the nipple clamps so they would be very tight on his sensitive pert nipples, and squeezed them onto each nipple, the pain of them biting into his flesh was intense however it was very enjoyable. After a minute of furious wanking he cum, he could feel his orgasm coming, he carried on wanking whilst holding they toy’s in position and after a few more minutes, with a massive explosion he came, his cum went about 4 foot in the air, and landed on his naked body. As the disc was playing he watched intensely as two young lesbians started inserting toys into each other’s pussy and arse, after they were done with one hol

Read Sextape Chouya Baku-Baku | 长夜漫漫 Harcore Chouya Baku-Baku | 长夜漫漫

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Ayaka kurusugawa
Glad you like it babe
Saki kijima
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