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#329590 - As I drove off, I knew Sue would try her hardest to get him into bed, I went to the mens club, my ass could go a few more hours while I left them to play. It was Sunday afternoon before all the guy left, their ball sacks empty and our butts full, Sue and I relaxed, licking and playing with one another as we often do, whilst we were playing a good friend of our's Don turned up, he had dropped his wife of at their sons house to baby sit over night, leaving him with time to spare. just as I was going to grab it to help him find my ass, he slammed the tip in, that was all it took, the rest slid in easy, and my fun began.

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Saeko busujima
I d eat her fanny like a chinese person a bat
Kaoru mashiko
Id stick my whole head up there
Any girl here for snap