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#375869 - I started from her inner thigh and licked my way inland, then stopping before her outer lips I moved to the other side, again liking my way inland only now when I reached her outer lips I began sucking them and giving a single flick of the tongue to her clit, her moans were followed by a OoO, YES! but a second after a Nooo!!, go back!, I only smiled and began drinking from the small stream that was her dripping pussy. when I answer the door o say hay, I just stop mid-sentence, she looks like an angel, she looks at me with a smile that tells me it's exactly the response she wanted, dresses in a long black strapless dress that has a gash from the side of her thigh to the end of it, she walks in and asks if there is any wine, I say to her which colure? THE STORY: she answer's to guess, I bring her a red wine from the 1995 and say I think it will be a good one since that was the year I first saw her show (dark angel) she laughs, the night moves so fast with wine and

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Damn she hot i would want to fuck her too
Jesus that guys tan line is horrible
She is so tiny i wonder what size shoe she wears her feet are beautiful