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#380214 - Oh, and now she took them straight to my bum-hole, and pressed one and then two inside, loosening and wetting it, and I jumped into her mouth; she pressed one hand against my bony pelvis and held me down, while sucking me, and I wanted her breasts, but they were out of reach! Dinh released my cock from her mouth and slid her tongue down my balls, closing them in her mouth for a few moments, then up the sensitive join from balls to my man-cunt, and her tongue was heaven as she stroked my cock still with her hand, until she let it slip out and pulse against my abdomen as she spread my legs and reared herself up in the air and slid upwards, and I could feel her cock on the skin of my thighs, and I was ecstatic, and waiting…but she only tickled me with her cock and took it away! I moaned with an empty feeling, but she put her hands on my hips and urged me over, and as my bum passed her, she thrust her tongue there, and I yelped with joy that she was back! Now I understood, as Dinh took co

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