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#264056 - About 5 years later She comitted Sucide. She left two kids behind who were also going into highschool and finshing up highschool I wish some one could done something for her. As my highschool years went on I got different views from people on how to react on buillng and other topics One time I went to a group to understand my sexuilty going on I met people there who told me a lot and helped me cope doing so it open me to my sexuilty more and how some things Changed for me All through out highschool i went to these groups, it made me forget about the builling and helpme more with my self and how self aware i had became thanks to said group I made a few friends from there and we still talk to this day Other times I would cry my self to sleep cause of the builling however when things got tough I would try and sort them out, Im sort of stubborn Sad Story for next bit - Another time I was builled to the point I wanted to kill my self.

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Meguru watase
Damn every time i watch her makes me want to be up in it
Kushina uzumaki
Damn that was hot thanks for sharing
Manaka mukaido
Sounds good you can order a custom hentai