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#152561 - Screaming out as she spurted her womanly juice’s all over my cock and ball’s tipping me over the edge and making me cum, shooting my sperm into her hot wet hairy pussy and filling the condom that she had insisted I wear, this was the first time we actually had sex, normally she would jerk or suck me to my orgasm but having her fuck me like she just did was unbelievable. My first day at collage was quit boring and we all finished sooner than expected so after strolling home to Mrs Dunn’s I let myself in only to hear what sounded like Mrs Dunn having sex with someone else, I crept to her bedroom and peeped through the half opened door to see Mrs Dunn on her hands and knees bent over the bed, dressed in just her tan stockings and white suspender belt with a small dildo in her lubed up arse and a bigger one in her big wet hairy pussy, her gigantic boobs swaying as she fucked her hairy pussy, I had caught Mrs Dunn masturbating. Thrusting my cock between her massive tits was just incredib

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Himari takakura
Thank u
Riko sakurauchi
God i want him to breed me aswell