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#259203 - When he finished he took hold of my little cock and started to suck me the strength of his sucking on my cock was wonderful, as he was trying to suck my cock right down his throat, his son gave the camera to his Uncle so they could keep filming us. “You are a good boy Ernie, come here and give Mommy a kiss Good-Night”, when I got near her, she pulled me onto the bed with her and as soon as I got near her I knew Mommy had been drinking, as I have on few occasions undressed Mommy and put her to bed, because she was drunk, so I let Mommy kiss me as she liked kissing me and making a fuss over me , and I did like looking at her as she was very lovely, and she liked it when I told her how beautiful she was. I Fucked and pulled myself twice before I started to get into bed, it was so lovely perving on myself.

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