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#147676 - Linda was in a state of near shock at the sudden turn of the conversation since she had hardly expected a woman of the cloth to talk in such a trashy manner! Now, as for the anything you were talking about, the old nun said evenly, I think that I have just the chore for you!!! W-what are you doing? Linda asked weakly while being led around the back of the nun's large desk where she was pushed back down into the swivel chair. I-I'm sorry, Sister, Linda replied contritely, I promise to do better, I really will! I'm afraid that's not good enough, Sister Mary Marie replied, so I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now and feel it's time that I gave your mother a call and explained the situation to her personally! My mother, Linda asked nervously, w-why do we hafta talk to her? The old nun stood with her arms crossed and an impassive look on her face while replying, Because it seems that's the only way to get your att

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