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Fuck Hard Rubber Lover - Fate stay night China

(月読宴) [BLACK ANGEL & 紅屋 (REN, 紅悠樹)] Rubber Lover (Fate/stay night)


Characters: Saber (163)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
18 pages - Uploaded
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#31265 - When he was done, he rubbed the rest of the lube from his hands into himself and then came back and took the lube from me, he squirted a bit more into his hands and inserted it with his fingers to make sure he was well oiled, by now I was aching to get going again! It felt like ages since anything properly sexual had happened and I was eager to start again! It almost felt like he was teasing me a little bit and it was driving me wild. I managed to remove my gaze from his bulge to look him in the eyes and smile. He simply smiled at me, the innocence was back and he looked cute again, just like when we first met earlier today in the restaurant, only naked! He didn’t say anything, but instead he disappeared leaving me alone in his parent’s living room, naked and covered in sticky, white man juice.

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