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#359751 - With no reply yet I wonder if a smile was framed, by a naughty pup known as Jared by name, he was the biggest flirt, and he had an ego too, he'd write poems in facebook messages and send to you, which is nice, but sometimes he could be a real jerk! So one Autumn night several girls got together, real witches they were, with plans hatched together, involving some cuffs, a leash and collar made of leather! they kept it a secret, for so long, until that very night, little did Jared know that he would get it now alright! So while walking along park path late one Halloween night, while listening to the frog chirps amidst the windy quiet, his vampire mistress lay waiting completely hidden out of sight, then all of a sudden she sprang up swiftly and did suddenly bite, the hero fell down, with no chance to resist or put up a fight! When awakened to discover unto her bed, as cuffed & collared male! he then whimpered and cried being so scared at first of her spell,

Read Amigo Rikujoubu no Eroi Senpai - Original Italiana Rikujoubu no Eroi Senpai

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