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#384259 - Anyhow this was all about to take a new turn, it was my birthday and Jane and the lad's got me a new bike, this one was very nice and put my other bike to shame, the presents kept coming , new bike top , new shoes , new everything but Jane smiled and said she has one for later and i would have to wait. Very soon my shorts were off and Jane who loves to give blow jobs was down on my cock sucking for all her worth, Jane would suck me off any moment she could, if i was on the phone and she was bored down and sucked till i hung up. Im never off my bike now, as i got home i heard a beep of a car horn , i turned around and Donna was pulling up, as she had i key i told her to let herself in as i put my bike away, yet again forgetting i had my cock sock shorts on i entered the living room where Donna was sitting facing the door, before i could even say hello she said mmmmm nice fit i knew she ment my shorts , but i was only ment to wear them for fun with Jane, and she knew th

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