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#220463 - Of course there is nowhere to sit except the toilet seat so you sit there while he takes some tissue paper and goes to the sink to dampen it, whilst he is doing that you notice there are two holes one each side of the cubicle and of course the usual drawings of men or girls sucking cocks and guys taking cocks in their ass’s, he comes back to you and takes hold of your leg and gently dabs at your graze and all the while he cant take his eyes from your panties which now have a little damp patch of their own. The sensation of the viberator on your clit is becoming so intense that you take it and put it inside your cunt and push it as far as it will go still humming inside you, you start to flick and rub your clit pushing the vibe in and out of your cunt fucking yourself your body arches and you start to thrust up you can hear your juices make those wonderful squishy noises and you know your cunt is not far from a wonder cum. Collecting your handbag from the hall stand you leave your lit

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Orga itsuka
Very sexy
Anise tatlin
What a blowjob