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#288384 - Just after they watched their past selves get sucked into the womping willow it grew darker and got colder Hermoine cuddled up to Harry trying to get warmth Hermoine could hear Harry's heart beating faster as she laid on his chest at the same time Hermoines heart caught up with the beat of Harry's their eyes looked at each other and drew closer to each others faces and their lips met for a light kissed followed by more passionate kisses Hermoine broke the kiss and apologised she just felt really close to Harry at the time Harry just looked at her and kissed her again this time firmly grabbing her boobs and falling to the ground hermoine's nails begin to dig through Harrys shirt into his back as Harry continued dry humping her undressing eachother as they continued kissing passionately Harry dived his fingers deep into Hermoines now wet hairy pussy her mouth arched as she tried to control her moan she took her hand to Harry's cock and began pumping it u

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