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#326568 - As I see it, there isn’t much either one of us can do. “Her face was thin through vomit A chemical sheen on her forehead caked over a tan booth bronze Looking at her gave me a warm scrotal rush that was not unpleasant And oh to have my stiffened spunk hose Embraced by the sleek and shiny lips Lips glossed with ultra-lip plumping ingredients for irresistibly luscious lips - glazed with unsurpassed shine Locked around my pole of joy in a selfless spaghetti suck of love Then I’d want that bitch to make me dinner. ” You’re full of shit …” “Full of shit up to my ears?” interrupted Tuesday “Hey how did you know I was going to say that?” asked Farty Jimbo “Because when I met you in 1998, you always said that.

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