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#368044 - Corinne was so shocked, she had lived next door to Samantha for years, and had once taught Finn when he was in primary school, indeed she had given him home lessons for his last examinations in high school, and now they were having an affair. Clara was masturbating his cock and meeting his tongue lashes with hers, his hands running all along her ass and her back, pressing her up against him, Clara then whispered “spit in my mouth” Finn allowed some spit to develop and then let it drop down his tongue into Clara’s mouth who squeezing his balls brought him towards her, she smiled “You are too fucking nasty”, Samantha came towards Finn and hugged him from behind “I want him to fuck me Clara” “Do not be greedy Samantha, you can have him after I go, if you want Sam you can help him, use your fingers when he is pushing his beautiful cock deep within me” Finn was surrounded by these two horny older women and said out of urgency “Can we just do this”. you are.

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