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#230889 - Her eyes was fastened on my 9” as I approached her, she had this cat-who-ate-the-canary smile on her face, I grabbed hold of her spread legs and pulled her closer to the edge, it would be easier on my knee. I joked that she should’ve let her maid do it for her and then lifted the box back to the top of the built in cupboard. Just before it got dark Clive and me stopped and I slipped on my shirt, Wendy came out looking fresh and dressed in a mini skirt and a loose t-shirt “Do you have any plans for tonight?” I shrugged “I’ll probably read a bit, then go to bed” “How about joining Clive and me for supper? You’ve been helping him so much and I think I can at least repay you with something to eat” Clive seemed to be possibly glowing at the suggestion, so I agreed, he jumped around happily and ran off to the house to get cleaned up.

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Kazuki nishina
I agree
Mia guillem
The guys goofy fucking face kills it
Kanami etou
U two are more than beautiful