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#304824 - I’ve been taking the hormone medication for 13 months, my cock has almost disappeared and my balls are tiny lm unable to shoot any spunk or get an erection at all which has pleased Jeremy, over the last 7 months my boobs have begun to develop, l keep asking him to take me to Thailand to have my balls and cock removed so l will have a real pussy but Jeremy says he likes the man-pussy l have already. Gloria noticed l had had my hair styled, Norman was more interested in what l was wearing so me and Gloria went into the bedroom to chat she seemed fascinated at my medication and how it was shrinking my cock and stopping me from shooting any spunk, l knew what she was leading to so asked if she wanted to look, first she said ‘no’ but then straight after said ‘ow go on then’, l took my knickers off then sat back on the bed she poked my balls which made me laugh, l joked ‘it won’t bite’, Gloria asked how do l please the men if l have no vagina l pointed out there are other hole and l call

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