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#218875 - When I was done M was groaning with the unaccustomed feel of her bowels filled with pee, “I need to go” she said, “I want to see this, sit backwards on the loo” I said. Then I brought my fingers to her mouth and she sucked on them tasting her own piss and mine. ” My heart jumped, I would never ask M to even consider this but I hoped she was asking me to pee for her, “what for?” I asked, “I want to see you pee, actually I want you to pee on my tits, on my pussy, on my ass and I want to taste it too!” Fuck me I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I knew I was so hard I’d never be able to piss but M had the cure for that, while still sat in the toilet she opened my jeans pulled them down and fell too sucking my cock hard and fast while she quickly opened her shirt and took it off along with her bra, she stood slightly to get her pants and skirt right off then she was naked, she took my cock out her mouth and started to wank me hard and fast, “cum on my tits baby, cum on them” she said,

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