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#400695 - “Oh” Aang said “you saw it?” “Yup” Katara said walking sexily into his room “and I liked the look of it, you don’t have to hide it from me. “OH GOD KATARA, you’re so tight” “OH AANG FUCK ME PLEASE BANG MY BALP PUSSY MAKE ME RED AND SORE THEN CUM IN ME DO IT!!!” Aang followed Kataras wishes and began to bang her pussy he even used his airbending ability to make him go faster, and faster until his dick was almost a blur and as he did this he heard Katara moaning in pleasure and her moans only made him want to fuck her more. ” Aang looked at Katara with a twinkle in his eyes, he reached forward and took hold of her hand and pulled her in close saying “Katara what do we do now?” As Aang and Katara stood there together Soka came out of the Jasmine Dragon (the tea shop that uncle Iroh owned in the city of Ba Sing Say) he said “Hey you two what are you doing out here when the party is inside “Katara pulled away from Aang and blushed saying “oh hi soka Aang and I were just talking

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