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#23447 - There was not but a simple question and nothing more: 'So, what you're saying is , if they were something that you deemed important to you, would you chose then?' Signed Admin I stared at the screen before sighing and pinching the bridge of my nose. Wait! I said trying to make my voice sound as calming as possible, cause the poor girl looked like she was about to jump up and start running as far away from me as she could! To my relief, she paused for a moment as she continued to eye me warily. It's not so much that we just appeared, it's just that now you're able to hear us clearly.

Read Escort (Saigado) Hana's Holiday - Season 2 - Holiday 6 Kissing Hana's HolidayHoliday 6

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Chise toudou
Man i so wanna do a thing like this sooooo fucking bad thanks for sharing