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#300353 - A flicker of arousal crosses Mike’s eyes as she ushers the guys in and she wonders if they all know about the vibrator inside of her, but knows Chris wouldn’t be that mean to tell his buddies that much. “Damn, man you’re wife is hot!” “Is she really doing everything you ask today?” Liz hears Chris laugh as he points out, “Well do you really think she picked out that dress to serve you guys in today?” “Nice man, you’re just going to tease us by putting that sexy little body on display and not let us even have a little touch?” Chris says something Liz can’t quite make out as she feels her arousal grow from overhearing the men’s conversation.

Read Farting Gyaku●Onee-san Nisshi | 虐姐日誌 Dicksucking Gyaku●Onee-san Nisshi | 虐姐日誌

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