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#307313 - “I’M GOING TO COMMMMMEEE…………ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH UMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHH” She tried to clamp her thighs together as her whole body tightened and her cunt gripped my cock as her orgasm began to rip through her body; id pinned her legs back as far as her knees would allow as they hit the cubicle walls and I forced my meat deep inside her hole as I fucked her hard and deep through the entirety of her orgasm that seemed to last for over a minute. The skin all around her pussy hole and around her anus was now glistening in the bright shop lights from all the juice that had seeped from between my dick and her extremely puffy pink lips as her cunt had released itself during her minute long orgasm. Emma was just showing some shirts to an old fella so I perched on the edge of the desk and waited looking her up and down as she expertly talked the customer in to buying the new expensive shirt.

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