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#489320 - Amazingly, a second cock stroked my cheek and when I opened my eyes and swiveled my face a little, without letting the cock out of my mouth, my eye made contact with this new waving cock! Doubting this one person could have two cocks, I assumed they were friends – and certainly my cubicle was big enough to accommodate two people for an intimate party. I varied my sucking, my tongues strokes, my lips to the head at times, and a gentle nip with my teeth; I hoped it was causing a build up of excitement in the neighbour’s balls and giving him/her sensual feelings from me. But, oh that must have hurt, as she squealed and jumped off, but then took hold of me, and did it again, fully inside! Now I had somewhere to put my hands, even if no use for my mouth at the moment, and I caressed her back from her sweet buttocks, bouncing on me, up her back to stroke her neck and ears, and then stretched them under her arms to hold her breasts and play with nipples.

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Sumi sakurasawa
That kitty looks abso fucking lutely delicious
Amane kaunaq
Thanks hun
Tamaki yotsuba
A little bit silent but great
Nemu asakura
Adorei saber que tirastes tanto leitinho pra mim meu tesao
Sarah crewe
Sexy and yummy