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#76565 - Kenny knelt and took Riley's cock in his hand a lowered his head as though to smell it but instead he extended his tongue and licked it, this surprised me and I instantly became wet and could not help but masturbate, it did not take long I was trembling with an overwhelming orgasm. He slowly made his way to the patio door and ask what kind of dog did we have and I told him a mixed German Shepard, he seemed to be mesmerized as he stared out of the patio doors. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, Riley yelped and his penis slipped out of Kenny's ass and Kenny fell to the ground as though he was totally exhausted.

Read Reverse Wriggle wa Otokonoko - Touhou project Boyfriend Wriggle wa Otokonoko

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Loran cehack
Thats a grown ass man i love how they try and role play it lol
Mai tokiha
Very good