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#227960 - “ of course I will so tell me more about this guy, are you sure he's not some kind of pervert?”, I joked, giving her a playful wink. Darren quickly followed suit as he kept his eyes on Alex the whole time, she stood out in the open in just her red, lace bra and boy-short panties looking on as Darren continued to strip away his clothing until he was left in just his black, Tommy Hilfiger, boxer briefs, the bulge he had was quite impressive even from where I was sitting it looked to be twice the size of my boyfriend Josh's. “I'm sure he would love that, and you too by the looks of it, but as I said, I have a boyfriend”, I retort looking over at Mark with a cheeky grin, his eyes were staring at my pink top, the tops of my D cup breasts visible with the low cut neckline, my matching bra straps on show under the thin straps of the top.

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