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#268090 - I just went back and sat in the chair mind all wondering just what to hell Snake Lady was going to do now!! Suddenly through the hallway I heard motion of foot steps coming down it and something sounded like it was rolling like wheels on a wood floor coming right up to the door and stopping. She just reached and grabbed her other hand and said sit down on it then lay over atop it but on belly legs on each of these and use your arms up above you and grab the handles provided for each one and then we will get all bound and ready for your first real pleasure to begin my slave!! My wife sat right down on the very padded pleasure board and slipped right up on it on her belly adjusting herself a bit and reached up and took hold of the handles with each hand her arms above her head now stretched out from her being so short and spread wide apart above her head! Snake Lady wasted not one moment going directly to her head first and reached under the board and pulled out 2 straps of

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Mikoto suou
Damn that would feel good
Jack the ripper
So lea leah lee high terry terrie terry nova nova something or what
Tenchi masaki
I will take that punishment if only to be near that exquisite body