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#143994 - DOG ON A DARE My name is Melissa Conway I am19 all my life I have loved sex, I had my first when I was 9 years of age and just can’t get enough no matter how many times I masturbated or had sex I still wanted more, by the time I was 15 I had slept with over 200 guys and about 50 girls one of them being my own little sister but that’s another story. I was still cut up about it when I started uni, I had a new boyfriend Jeff but I just couldn’t get Ray out of my head. One day Jeff came to me and said hey I am having a party at my place to night nothing but friends, drinks and no stress it might help take your mind off everything what do you say Mel?? Yeah I’ll be there I replied, I turned up we all talked and drank than we started to play a party game it was kind of like truth or dare you picked two people and dare them perform a sexual act on the other under a blanket for a set period of time, Jeff kept pushing me to the limit with every dare, so within hour and a half a had

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Benben tsukumo
Amo quando usam vestido
Que verga tan rica yo quisiera ser ella para estar asi de ensartada mmmmmm
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