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#80981 - after locking up the house and making the usual checks just to be sure the house will be safe we climb into the car after placing the luggage into the boot (trunk for the Americans out there), i look to my sister and simple say are you ready? she nod's impatiently before demanding we get going so that she can get a window seat at it is our 1st holiday together since the tragedy that fell upon our parents. but big bro the place looks amazing it will be the best holiday ever and the size of the shopping mall's on the island well lets just say watch your bank balance grinning away at me and smiling back at her, about half hour later we arrive at the airport both climbing out i go to get the luggage from the boot (trunk) handing the tickets and passports to Nicky i drag the luggage to the entrance after locking the car, just after walking through the entrance she notices that our check in line is short because of how early we arrived with the excitement buildin

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