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#288635 - She appeared so tiny, small breasts with pointed nipples, thin everywhere, a bare slit protruding from her thighs, above slim legs; all a nicely golden brown colour, head to toe, except for her long black hair. It was a new restaurant for me, when we pulled up a short while later; on the river and another with a countryside theme and menu, not to mention the waiters and waitresses dressed in country-style ao-yai. I had Ming’s blouse open, and I used my hand behind her to fumble and pull and eventually undo the clasps on her bra, and I dove my mouth to her nipple as I pulled her bra aside; I clasped my teeth around her, remembering how big they were, and I sucked with my mouth, perhaps too hard and she squeaked, but pressed her hands against my head against herself tightly.

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