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#22546 - Oh Yes You Will I said, “Oh yes you will!” To which my wife replied, “Oh no I won’t! The last time you made me eat her cunt she tasted like shit, she wouldn’t eat me out, and she hadn’t cleaned her cunt for a month beforehand! I almost threw up!” I said, “It wasn’t that bad!” My wife replied, “Oh yes it was and you know it! You’re only doing this because she told you to! What’s up? Will she give you anal sex if you put your cock in my mouth afterwards?” I was astonished and said, “How did you know?” My wife said, “Woman’s intuition I guess! Besides it’s the only thing that bitch hasn’t tried yet!” I said, “Well you’re right she did promise me her asshole in exchange!” My wife said, “That slut just wants to humiliate me!” I said, “So! Will you do it?” My wife said, “Hell no! I already told you that I wouldn’t! Stop asking me!” I said, “Will you give me anal sex if I stick my cock in her mouth afterwards?” My wife said, “Maybe! Tell me more!” I said

Read Girlfriend Hokentaiiku de Narattenai! - Shugo chara Bukkake Hokentaiiku de Narattenai!

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