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#93601 - HOW DARE YOU? That was the last she ever said, Alan tackled her off the stairs that led to the attic, broke her neck on her way down, and he realized what he did once he saw her, lying dead and his daughter’s muzzled cries interrupted his thoughts, he did not have time to waste, he closed in on her still virgin daughter, penis erected, throbbing as he will be abusing her, tough she was not wet nor excited, he penetrated her in one move, not caring for her safety nor her feelings, roughly touching her, as if not caring at all, in fast moves he was in, and then out, in and out, in and out that tight virginal hole he had wished so dearly, he didn’t stop even when she saw him with tearful eyes, or her scared expression, he continued to rape her, penetrating so forcefully and uncaringly of her safety, touching her roughly all over her body, her soft tummy, her perfect little breast which he licked, sucked and bit so desperately while he placed his hand in her soft buttocks, he spit his mid

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Love her feet
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